music production and recording

As the go-to-engineer for self-producing (and even DIY-) artists, I am eager to know your ideas and make a plan for producing and recording your next project. I am happy to record on your location of choice, whether it is a dedicated recording studio, music venue or some other dry(!) place. For more elaborate recording sessions I prefer to work in a room with high quality facilities. My services include music direction and score advise for live radio and television recordings, broadcast, and theatre performances.


As +25years pro mixer universalis I like to work on different genres of music from experimental jazz to commercial pop tracks combining mixing techniques from different styles and inventing new sounds for new music and give the song attitude and personality. In my personal studio I use a combination of a 44/88-channel DDA DMR12 mixing desk and outboard gear (a.o. analog delays, guitar pedals and analog reverbs) and virtual machines (a wide variety of usual and unusual suspects). My studio is wired with Mogami and Vovox cable.

film score mixing

Besides working at my studio I offer a special mixer-in-residence service for film and television composers (but also for musicians and producers). I mix at the composer’s studio together with the artist. For details, please send an email to

post production

I offer audio postproduction, editing, stem mixing, level optimisation, mastering for digital distribution (cd, online sales and streaming), for live performances and for film production.

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